5 Holidays Where Activity Is The Answer!

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Morocco is a country of abundance that sees laid-back seaside villages give way to desert expanses and winding paths to the High Atlas Ranges give way to beautiful snowy peaks. A trip to Morocco is an outdoor experience of a lifetime. The city of Marrakech is full of intriguing sights of bustling souks, ancient medinas and relaxed gardens. The Atlas ranges delight trekkers with magical terrains and the Sahara desert is ideal for camel trekking and interacting with Tuareg nomads.  The lengthy Moroccan coastline offers fantastic windsurfing beaches.


Golf holidays in Spain have been a popular choice for many golfers worldwide due to its favorable sunny climate, scenic beauty and excellent golf courses.  The Costa del Sol in the South of Spain is extremely popular for golf in Spain with many courses rising up in this region in the 80s and 90s. However, Spain boasts of other stunning golf destinations much as Malaga, Marbella, Costa Brava, Catalonia and Mallorca. Spain also offers exciting off course experiences such as fantastic beaches, fine local wines and bustling cities.


Tanzania is an eastern African country consisting of the vast mainland and the island of Zanzibar. It is famous for the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National park. The main language of communication in Tanzania is Kiswahili, which means English is the second language. Most of the subjects in both primary and secondary schools are in English. Students must therefore learn English in order to understand all the other subjects. Teaching English is a popular option for those wanting to volunteer in Tanzania and is an exciting experience as you get to soak into the Swahili culture while also making a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania.


Namibia derives its name from the dominating Namib Desert, which is the oldest and driest desert on the planet. It is an extensive landscape of dunes and plants and animals uniquely evolved to survive the harsh climate.  Sparsely populated with vast empty expanses of stark brilliant sceneries it is the perfect destination for adventure and uninterrupted safaris.

Unlike other safari destinations in Africa, it is an all year round destination; the dry months are ideal for game viewing while the wet months are for spectacular sceneries.

The Etosha National Park, the skeleton coast, Damaraland and Kaokoveld Desert are some of the highlights of a safari in Namibia.

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New Zealand is one of the world’s top fishing destinations due to its numerous rivers, lakes, expansive coastline and abundant fish species. Trouts are big and common in the water basins of New Zealand throughout the country. Salmons on the other hand dominate most waters of the Southern Islands. Most water basins in New Zealand are in public domain. They are easily accessible via public right of way and Queens Chain. Privately owned waters need landowner permission.  Fishing in New Zealand is an exciting experience; however, anglers need licenses to participate in fishing.

Activity Holidays

Activity Holidays

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