A Quick Travel Guide for Backpacking in Spain

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When you’re visiting Spain, you won’t want to miss anything. Spain is gorgeous from top to bottom with splendid beaches on the coast, stunning parks down south, and lovely mountains up north. Don’t forget two of Europe’s greatest cities: Barcelona and Madrid. Luckily, getting around is pretty straightforward and affordable. Here are a few pointers for backpacking in Spain:

Travel by Train

RENFE is Spain’s rail network. It is well maintained and easy to use. If you are planning to visit different cities, you can easily find schedules and book a train from Barcelona to Madrid for example also online. If you’re under 26, take advantage of the “Tarjeta Explorerail,” which lets you travel on most trains unlimitedly. These passes can be purchased for time periods from 3 days to an entire month and are definitely a good value for the money.

Spain by Train

Spain by Train

Try the tapas

Tapas are the national dish of Spain. Tapas are served in little bite-size portions, and for a full meal you’ll probably order six to seven. The dishes can vary greatly in ingredients and flavor, so there will be something for everyone. Tapas are usually shared by everyone at the table, and you can find an interesting new variety in every region you visit. I have been at Tast-Ller restaurant and I was amazed about the quality of gastronomic delights prepared byt chef Mikel. Here, you can  take a look at its gorgeous menu.

Spain tapas

Spain tapas

Island Hopping

Spain is home to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera, also known as the Balearic Islands. Formentera’s beaches are stunningly clean and white, definitely among the best in the Mediterranean. This island will give you a taste of the “real Spain” because it of it’s laid-back pace. If you’re looking to party, Ibiza is the island for you. Ibiza is famous for its world-class clubs where the world’s best and most famous DJs play. You’ll usually find a celebrity or two in every club. Yet Ibiza is more than “just” the party island. In the north you can find basically deserted beaches with scenery existing only on this island.

Spain Island Hopping

Spain Island Hopping

Stay in the “Pensiones”

In any of the major tourist hot-spots you can find the traditional sky rise hotels and sprawling hotel compounds. However, you will spend a pretty penny. A better option for backpackers on a budget are the “Pensiones,” which are basically the equivalent of a bed and breakfast and are generally run by a local family that lives on the premises. Another good option is the national youth hostel network, called REAJ. The online site offers advanced booking and information on over 200 hostels throughout the country.

Hit the cities

If you’re into big city vibes and vibrant culture, take a trip to Madrid or Barcelona. Madrid is the capital and is home to nearly 3 million people. Barcelona comes in second with almost 1.5 million inhabitants. Barcelona also has a world-class nightlife if you can’t make it to Ibiza.

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