Amazing Nature and Art in Norway

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I really wouldn’t recommend visiting Norway for a shopping spree or a drinking and dining bonanza, but there are certainly ways to enjoy the country and its sights on a budget if you take time to do a bit of research. I have found Norwegians to be a nature loving, creative and generous people. An example of that is the Allemansretten, Norwegian open-air act, an amazing law based on mutual trust, passed in 1957 that states that everyone in Norway has a right of passage through any unfenced countryside, allowing anyone to move freely through the land. Norwegians have a longstanding tradition of hiking and exploring so they wouldn’t let private land restrict their hiking trails.


The Outdoors Is Free (So To Speak)

There are no real cheap seasons in Norway but I would suggest visiting in spring, summer or fall. Enjoying the nature and being outdoors is free, but you need to have some standard hiking gear – good hiking boots are a must and they don’t come cheap – and you must be ready for the weather to suddenly turn, also in summer. The winters are cold, dark and long, but the winter does have some wonders like the northern lights and cross-country skiing. The summers in Norway have the brilliant long days that give you lots of time to explore nature.

There are amazing hiking trails and huts for shelter on the longer trails, some with impressive architecture. The trails are rated according to difficulty level. The weather is mild in summer, but never really warm and the locals also seem to have a milder mood. The autumn marks the time when people prepare for winter and make the most of the daylight hours. The days get rapidly shorter in autumn and locals want to make the most of the nature experience. I came across one such effort where when Kvikk Lunsj was launching a new product, Kvikk Lunsj Mörk. This is a humble chocolate biscuit that seems to be a traditional must in the Norwegian hiker’s backpack.

Art Can Prolong the Time You’re Able Enjoy Nature

Art isn’t really a seasonal thing to enjoy, you can enjoy indoor museums in winter and outdoor sculpture parks in summer but when art is actually experimenting with ways to prolong the time you can spend in nature, I have to say it has my attention. The makers of Kvikk Lunsj enabled one such effort. They got three artists using lights and LED diodes as a medium to come up with a way to turn forest trails around Oslo into a multi media visual sensation during the night. The result was amazing, I was surprised how the usage of lights managed to underscore the darkness, and bring forward a new side to the forests around Oslo.

There was a hike along a 1.5 kilometre lit trail, which led to a radiating exhibit of lights extending into the forest, illuminating the trees around. There were custom-made light displays along the way as well, including little mushrooms that were lit up from within and light orbs scattered over the ground. The spectacle drew an audience of people, but also attracted some of the woodland creatures. Almost every orb attracted insects and brought attention to the life of the forest. The night setting heightened the senses and the beauty and mystery of the forest really came alive. I have never enjoyed the forest in such a way. It was a generous and wonderful gesture and I hope they repeat it every year.


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