Bali’s Top 5 Surfing Spots for Everyone

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For a surfer who doesn’t just want superb waves, but amazing nightlife and cultural days out, Bali is perfect. Popular with honeymooners and backpackers, Bali has something for most travellers, so you’ll be sure to have a jam-packed stay. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert surfer, Bali offers all sorts of waves to suit varying technical level. Here are the best top five surfing spots this side of Indonesia:


Keramas used to be Bali’s best kept secret, but surfers started to cotton on, and now it’s one of the most popular spots in Indonesia. Definitely for professional surfers; don’t bring your noobie friends, unless it’s just to watch with a few beers. There’ll be constant waves and big swells. Watch out for razor-sharp reefs and sea urchins. Whereas you may have to battle for room at the previous beaches, Keramas should be comparatively quiet.


Best for intermediate surfers, Uluwatu is famous for its waves. Start your day at the temple (pray to the surf gods that you don’t wipe out), and walk down the reef through Uluwatu cave.

Monkey dance at Uluwatu

Monkey dance at Uluwatu

Usually crowded, you’ll have a choice selection of waves: The Peak (consistent), Racetracks (tubes), Outside Corner (highly changeable). At high tide, make it back to the cave because the surf becomes lethal! Be careful of shallow waters, reefs, and other surfers.


Nicknamed ‘The Balinese Pipeline,’ Padang-Padang is an expert surfer’s dream. So much so that surfing competitions are held here. The left-hand point is off-limits, except for professional surfers, as these waters are exceptionally dangerous.

Waves can reach heights of 4 to 12 feet. But beginners, don’t worry! You can come along too. The right-hand wave is great for newbies and the surf becomes even better at high tide. Beware that there’ll be a lot of people surfing at this beach.

Kuta Beach

Beginner-friendly and a magnet for party animals across the globe, Kuta Beach has soft waves during the day for you to learn your moves. It’s only 20 minutes away from the airport, so find cheap flights to Bali online and get to the waves as soon as you step off the plane – a great way to stretch out those legs!

As this is such a popular surfing spot, lifeguards are on hand to protect any unfortunate swimmers who get caught in the undertow. If you want to swat-up on your board skills, there are plenty of dudes dotted around, offering lessons.


For those who found Kuta Beach a little too easy and want to turn up the heat, Canggu Beach is slightly more challenging. Approximately 30 minutes away from Kuta, Canggu is a great place for surfers of all levels. Along with some mad reef breaks, there are some soft waves for beginners.

Even so, the biggest waves at Canggu typically aren’t extreme – just fast. Watch out for high tide – the surf should be left for the professionals. A great beach for a group of mixed ability, Canggu should definitely be one of your must-surf places in Bali. Here, you’ll lose some of the hectic nightlife you found in Kuta, but maybe after a weekend of drinking, that won’t be such a bad thing.


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