Essential Tips for Travelling to Bali

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A holiday to Bali has so many wonderful things to offer,  such as great surfing, diving, cheap massages and spas, and for those looking to relax, as much culture and history as you will find anywhere else in the world. Travelling around Bali and getting the most out of your trip can be easy if you follow some simple but essential tips like the ones below.

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Indonesia, much like many countries in Asia, has two seasons – the wet and the dry. However, these seasonal and weather differences make little impact on your ability to travel around Bali, meaning that any time you do travel to the island will be the perfect time. The only thing you should consider is the public holidays in Indonesia.

For example, on the month of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting period which lasts for a month, you will find that Bali seems more busy than usual as locals from neighbouring towns and cities fill up the resorts and hotels. Beware of price increases during this time.


Flight times from Australia to Bali take around hours. If you are thinking about heading over to Indonesia then be sure to compare flights to Bali at This will allow you to get the best deals on your holiday and then start planning on how you will be spending your time.


One of the great things about Bali is how cheap you can make your trip there. Budget accommodation is easily located all around the island and you will also be able to find plenty of budget flights there. Booking in advance on both your transport and accommodation is a great way to save you some money.


Many people who travel to Bali do so with the intention of learning to surf or simply pick their hobby back up on holiday. There is some great surf camps located around the Kuta area and the international brand Rip Curl even have their own surf school

If you are already able to surf, then consider a package deal which will take you to some of the more exciting surfing areas such as Nusa Lembongan.


One of the most important tips that you should heed on any trip you are going on is to learn some of the basics in the language of your destination. Bahasa Indonesia is quite a simple language and learning some phrases such as hello, thank you and please can take you a long way in the eyes of the locals.


You will inevitably want to go shopping for souvenirs and memorabilia during your stay in Bali, and you should remember that bargaining for what you are buying is the norm. However, remember not to get too carried away with your bartering as you may end up trying to knock the price down by pennies. It is always best to use your instincts and logic.

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