How to go Skiing on a Budget

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When you think of skiing, you think of luxury chalets and expensive flights, not to mention the cost of hiring the gear.

Skiing on a Budget

Skiing on a Budget

However, it’s by no means out of reach if you can’t splash the cash.

Ski the Low Season

If you don’t have kids, then you have more flexibility on when you can ski. Ski holiday prices, like every other holiday prices, are dependent on the time of year. They’ll be more expensive during half term time, or around Christmas, because the demand is higher. Time it so that you’re skiing early December, most of January, and mid-March and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference in price.

However, if you have kids, then you can’t go at these times. If this is you, target Easter and Christmas as they are slightly cheaper than New Year time or half term.

Go Self Catering

Self-catering apartments are always cheaper than hotels or catered chalets. They are particularly good if you share with friends or family and share the chore of cooking. Great for fussy eaters, you can eat what and when you want and depending on how the apartment is set up, you can be as raucous as you like.

Drive instead of Flying

You can cut the cost of the holiday dramatically by driving to the French Alps instead of flying. If you live in south east of England, and you fill the car, then you could get to the French Alps in about 12 hours and it will be much cheaper than flying, even in low season.

This ViaMichelin website can help you calculate the cost of driving anywhere. It includes the fee for the Eurotunnel, fuel and motorway tolls, so you get a really good picture of the price.

If you drive you can also take more baggage than on the plane too.

Book Early… or Late

As always, one of the best ways to save money on holidays is to book really early. If you’re targeting a peak season, then this is definitely the best way of going about it. Do it during the winter before the one that you want to ski, and you may be able to take advantage of early bird offers.

Alternatively, leaving it until the very last minute is a perfectly good way of saving money if you’re not fussy about where you go. Keep checking sites like Iglu Ski for the best in deals.

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