Must-See Sights When Visiting Sharm El Sheikh

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Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula is a popular beach destination in Egypt among locals and visitors. The place has been attracting the attention of several visitors, ever since the Israelis evacuated the terrain in the early 80’s. The quaint coastal town of Egypt has evolved into a snorkeling and diving hot spot over the years, and it offers the traveller a unique glimpse of natural beauty, as well as cultural and historical relics of the region.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh

The atmosphere is an exciting mix of contemporary and traditional settings, with western pubs and local cafes lining the commercial areas of the town. Here are few of the interesting locations to check out while making a visit to Sharm el Sheikh.
Na’ama Bay

Tourists looking for fun, entertainment and activity will find themselves at ease in this highly commercial part of the town. Apart from the standard western pubs and bars, visitors can also enjoy a perfect evening at the local cafes that are adorned in traditional style. The souvenir shops in Sharm El Sheikh stock an assortment of native products, including spices, herbs and perfumes that make an ideal addition to the memorabilia. Just within reach are the exotic beaches where the travellers can simply bask in sunshine, and watch other holidaying crowd enjoy their time here.

Mount Sinai

An arduous three-hour climb to the summit of Mount Sinai not only rewards travellers with a spectacular view of the region, but also leads them to the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which was built in 1934. Frequented by pilgrims, the site is of immense religious importance to the locals.

Monastery of St. Katherine

This fortified structure houses the Church of Transfiguration, a small-church that was built close to Moses’ Burning Bush. Gardens adorn the path to this monastery at the foot of Mount Moses or Gebel Musa, whose library is well-known for its rich collection of manuscripts, next only to the Vatican.

Coloured Canyon

The coloured Canyon is a natural masterpiece and a must see in the Red Sea, just 80km away from the monastery, located in the desert region. Crafted by the flow of water over limestone and sandstone terrain over the ages, the colourful canyon walls tower close to 40 feet above the ground at a few places, and which throws up some spectacular hues of gold, rose, purple, burgundy and green.

Ras Muhammad Natural Park

This natural park is a marine paradise, home to the best collection of corals of over 200 species, and several species of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, star fish, and sea urchins. It also includes the Hawksbill and Green Turtles. Visitors can enjoy a Seascope ride (glass bottomed boats) at the park to observe these wonders at a safe distance, or simply dive into the waters for a close encounter. The park is also home to local flora and fauna, including 85 different species of flora and rare mammals.

St. Katherine Protectorate is yet another must-see location for nature enthusiasts, while Serabit el Khadim should figure high on the archaeologist’s travel plans.

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