Preparations for Hiking: Training Yourself

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If you aren’t already an active person, you will need to do a lot of pre-hike training for your body. As a first time hiker, it is important that you take your great outdoor living experience very seriously. Hiking can be very strenuous on the body, especially if you will be carrying a heavy backpack and/or hiking on a long trail. There are training programs that you can get into before your great outdoor living adventure, but if you find yourself too busy to attend, there are some things that you can do on your own. Here are some great tips for you to store in your mind for getting into shape before your great outdoor living experience.



Two of the first areas of your body that you can attack for your pre-hike training are your hips and shoulders. You should begin your outdoor living training program at least 2 to 3 weeks before your great adventure. Whenever you have time, store items in your backpack that you would take with you on your hike and carry it around; this will help to get your shoulders and back used to the weight. Even if you are not a beginning hiker, it is very likely that being back in the city has softened you up a bit, so you should still get your body back into great-outdoor-living shape. If you have a park or area nearby that has rough terrain and steep inclines, then walk with the backpack there; this will best resemble a hiking trail. While doing this, you will be decreasing the chances of skin irritations and abrasions on the pressure points of your pack. Overall, it will get your muscles back into shape.

Other areas of your body that you will need to focus on for your great outdoor living encounter are your legs, feet and lungs. This should be a lot easier for you to do. If you haven’t already done so, you can go to a great outdoor living store to purchase proper shoes to go jogging in. Running is one of the best ways to get your lower body in great shape. You should try running up hills, so that it can get your feet, ankles and knees ready for what’s in store for them in a few weeks on your great outdoor living hike. You can also train on downhill declines and on even surfaces to help your body get used to all terrains. Then when you feel like you’re ready, you can throw the backpack in the mix. Store items in there to make it heavy. If you can jog with that on, you should have no problem hiking around for hours wearing a backpack.

You should focus on the fitness of your entire body, so you can do other workouts as well to help get your body prepared for what’s in store on your hiking trip. Great outdoor living experiences can be very fun and tiring, and will be a workout of its own. Grab a partner to help make getting into shape more fun. Make sure to pick up things you need from our great outdoor living store, which provides all sorts of products needed for hiking and camping.

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