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Forget just doing the game drives – here are a few ideas for super safari holidays! And don’t forget that you can combine safari with beach too. Kenya is particularly good for twin centre holidays offering pristine sandy coastline and wonderful game viewing opportunities.

So, soup up your safari experience with these variations:

Balloon game viewing

Imagine slowly floating up from the bush, feeling slightly exposed but completely exhilarated. Flying has never felt so intimate as the experience of a balloon ride; a serene and gentle way to view the safari reserves and the wildlife that inhabit them.

The Masai Mara is one of the most spectacular and popular spots for balloon game viewing on safari holidays.  It’s one of the world’s most famous safari spots, and all members of the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, African Elephant, African buffalo and black rhinoceros) are found here.

Be prepared to wake before dawn as you are driven to the launch spot to meet your pilot. Such is the stillness and quiet as you ascend that the sounds of the natural world below can be clearly heard. The playful air currents glide you along for around an hour, sometimes climbing sometimes descending. From several thousand feet in the air the views are breathtaking. At lower altitudes, the large stretches of treeless plains are perfect for animal-spotting.

Usually offered as an add-on component, balloon game viewings are usually complemented by a bush breakfast or glass of cold champagne after landing, a little indulgence to top off one of the most memorable safari experiences imaginable.

Fly-in game viewing

The vast distances involved in travelling to game reserves in Africa make travel by light aircraft to the heart of each national park an attractive option. It’s a little extra luxury when compared to road travel, but well worth the investment if you want to use a city as a base and visit two or three different game reserves.

Kenya holidays are especially good for fly-in safaris. From Nairobi, you can head to Amboseli for a memorable safari under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, or Meru, which has a wonderfully rich natural diversity including the sought-after big cats. The Masai Mara is another possible destination with an enviable concentration of game.

Whichever experience you choose, your adventure begins as soon as you take off. The sprawl of the city disappears and the breathtaking landscape of the plains and bush unfold beneath you, and you can start to spot wildlife as you fly into the grounds of the game reserve. You’ll be met at the airstrip and transferred to your lodge in time for refreshments and the first game drive of the day.

Luxury tented lodges

Despite travelling out into the wilds of nature and being surrounded by the elements in a remote location, safari holidays don’t necessarily need to involve compromise when it comes to levels of luxury.

Home comforts, not to mention five star indulgences are readily available if you’re looking to really push the boat out on your trip. Many camps now feature luxury tented lodges, essentially small boutique properties in the heart of the national parks and game reserves. Fully staffed and attractively built to exacting standards, there’s a range of tents and suites.

The accommodations can be a small, well-equipped tent with hot showers and private terraces all the way up to suites, with their own observation decks for views out over the plains or the local watering holes.

This new breed of luxury safari accommodation also includes amenities such as butler service, minibars and even a spa in some places. These luxury lodges are comfortable and secure, and yet their design feels organic, and you are still staying in the heart of the bush, with flora and fauna all around you.

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