Top 10 Places to Visit in Prague

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Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is a popular tourist destinations in the world. For many, it is their first introduction to Eastern Europe, others are enchanted by the fairy tale like atmosphere, still others go for the nightlife, and of course there are countless young students there to enjoy the affordable prices. However, no matter who you are or why you are in Prague, there are ten places that you absolutely must visit.



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1. The Dancing House

These days, it seems like every major city has a Frank Gehry building leaving its indelible mark on the skyline. Prague is no exception, and Gehry’s corner building looks like some kind of Alice in Wonderland meets Gaudi mashup. It is playful and magical, like much of Prague, and features a rooftop restaurant affording diners unparalleled views of the city.

2. Astronomical Clock

This towering clock in the Old Town Square dates back to the early 15th Century – and it shows. Not that it looks old, but the whimsical medieval animated figures, details, and more are like nothing you would ever find today!

3. Wenceslas Square

This square is found in the New Town, and today is one of the major cross sections of culture and commerce in the city. But Wenceslas Square has a much more political background, its central location lending itself to a well-suited role as the locale of demonstrations and protests both peaceful and not throughout the city’s turmoiled past.

4. Petrin Hill

Just a quick ride up on the funicular, and you will find yourself with the joys of Petrin Hill at your disposal. The views are spectacular in themselves, but Petrin Hill is also home to the 14th century Hunger Wall, the Strahov Monastery, Stefanik Observatory and a memorial to the victims of the totalitarian Communist regime – each a fascinating visit in their own right.

5. Vysehrad Castle

The Czech Republic is a nation of castles, and Vysehrad is one worth visiting. It dates back to the 900’s, and sits on a perch looking out over the Vltava River. On the castle property you will also find a cathedral and graves of some of the most famous Czechs in history.

6.The Mucha Museum

If you are a design fiend, then chances are you already know about Prague’s Art Nouveau past. For an in depth experience, or for those of you just looking to learn a little bit more about Czech art, be sure to check out the Mucha Museum, located in Prague’s Old Town Square, and dedicated to groundbreaking artist Alphonse Maria Mucha.

7. The Lennon Wall

The protests against the Communist regime in the 1980’s found inspiration in John Lennon and his music, leading them to transform this once nondescript wall into a bastion of street art and free thought.

8. Old New Synagogue

The debate is still open on which is more remarkable – that Prague’s Old New Synagogue has been active since 1270, or that it made it through World War II and its accompanying Nazi occupation unscathed. Either way, the Gothic sanctuary is beautiful to behold and worth a visit from those of any religious persuasion.

9. Prague Castle

This spectacular castle is well over one thousand years old, and boasts at least eighteen buildings within its complex – everything from palaces, to churches, halls, towers, gardens, and more.

10. The National Museum

Found in Wenceslas Square, this museum gives an incredible overview of all the fascinating Czech culture and history.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Thank you for bringing Prague to my attention – I was just thinking about some good European spots to visit the other day like Paris & London – and you just added another very good one to my list that I would have never thought of:).

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