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Flying is a great way to travel, but, whether you’re taking a holiday, visiting family members who live overseas or going away on business, it can be tiring, especially if you’re going a long distance or need to change planes. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but there are few things travellers find as stressful as an uncomfortable flight, whether this is due to a delayed take-off, turbulence or rude fellow passengers.

My travel items

My travel items

No matter what kind of company you work for, if you’re looking to raise awareness of your brand among air passengers I believe you should look to provide them with promotional products that will make travelling as pleasant an experience as possible.

Here is an insight into some of the promotional items that I think would be appreciated.

Travel bag

Increased security measures in the wake of 9/11 have placed greater restrictions on what passengers are allowed to take on to a plane in their hand luggage. While these rules have changed several times since then, travellers are typically only allowed to carry small amounts of liquid that must be placed in a clear plastic bag before going through security.

Although these bags are readily available for free at airports, it’s a good idea to provide these to your target audience, whether they’re sent in the mail or given away in person. That way, they can sort out exactly what they wish to take onboard well in advance, thereby minimising any delays or hassle they may face before checking in.


A neck pillow can offer comfort on even the most arduous of journeys. Of course, many airlines provide their own pillows for free (although it should be noted that these aren’t always offered on every route) but travellers – especially those who use planes frequently – are likely to value having something that is personal to them and that they can take with them wherever they go.


For similar reasons, eyemasks are wonderful items to give to ensure travellers have a pleasant flight. I find such products are especially appreciated among those going to long-haul destinations such as Australia and New Zealand. After all, sleeping on a plane can prove to be difficult without one.

Luggage scales

Another unfortunate fact of air travel is that you are subject to limitations on the weight of the suitcase that can be taken on to the plane. Indeed, if your case goes over the upper limit you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Although I recently went on a flight where my luggage was over the permitted threshold and was lucky enough to not have to pay a fee, not everyone is likely to be as fortunate as I was, so offering suitcase luggage scales is certain to be appreciated.

Provide scales to your target audience – whether they are given as a free gift or as part of a retail promotion offer – and they can avoid the embarrassment that I and other people who take too many clothes away with them on holiday often experience.

As you can see, there are many promotional items out there that air travellers will appreciate receiving. Of course, the particular products that you choose ought to be influenced by the needs of your customers, the area your company works in and your budget but, whatever you choose, I can’t stress enough the importance of ensuring details such as your logo and contact information are visibly printed on them so your brand sticks firmly in the minds of recipients and the people they pass by.

If you’re looking to boost your appeal among air travellers by using promotional items, what products are you using?


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