What to wear on a cruise

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What to wear on a cruise

What to wear on a cruise

The novice cruiser will rarely think about what to wear when deciding which cruise deals to go on. This short guide will hopefully make it easier to pack for the first cruise.

The dress code on your cruise will very much depend on which ship and cruise line you are sailing with, and also which part of the world you are sailing to. All cruise lines will have a casual dress code during the day, which basically means you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt without getting turned away from a restaurant or bar. Swimwear is usually not allowed in the main dining rooms, but there should be at least one or two pool-side eateries to choose from anyway.

When you’re walking around the ship its best to wear flat shoes, particularly around the pool area where the deck can be a little slippy. During the evening is when the dress code really changes and it can be a real worry for some people, so we’ve broken down what each one is and what we recommend you pack.

Formal – Formal nights are often a real highlight as it gives everyone a chance to get all dressed up for the evening. Your typical 7 night cruise will have at least one formal night on it and men typically wear a tuxedo or dark dinner suit, whilst women wear cocktails dresses or ballgowns.

Semi-formal – There will usually be 2 or 3 of these on a 7 night cruise and they are significantly less formal. Men can wear a smart shirt and trousers, or a jacket, shirt and trousers, whilst women usually wear smart trousers and a glitzy top or an evening/party dress.

Casual – Does what it says on the tin – Trousers and a shirt or polo top for men, and a top and skirt/trousers or a sundress for women. Smart dark jeans are usually allowed on casual nights but tracksuits, trainers and sports or football tops are not.

Although formal and semi-formal nights aren’t mandatory, it’s important to remember that the dress code will apply to most of the restaurants and bars, with the exception of the buffet restaurant and the deck bars. On itineraries where the ship is sailing to hot destinations like the Caribbean, there will often be a reduced number of formal and semi-formal nights too.

It’s important to think about where you’re sailing to as well, so that you are comfortable when you get off in the ports. Sensible, comfortable shoes are a must if you are planning on doing lots of walking, especially as many older towns and cities may have lots of steps to climb or uneven ground. When cruising to places like Alaska or the Baltics it’s a good idea to take a light jacket with you, and also wear several layers as the weather can be particularly changeable. If you are planning to explore any mosques, cathedrals or other religious buildings it’s always a good idea to dress a little more conservatively so as not to cause any offence.

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